Play a Part and get Paid!

At Phone Repairs ASAP, we believe word of mouth is extremely important. Aside from the traditional SEO and Facebook marketing, Phone Repairs ASAP has multiple marketers that maintain relationships with nearly every cell phone carrier store in South Florida.

After delivering thousands of pizzas to reward our affiliates for all the hard work, Phone Repairs ASAP has implemented a commission based affiliate system.

We are now able to reward all of our affiliates monetarily for every single order placed through their referral.

Who Can Become an Affiliate?

Carrier Walk Ins

Secure your trade in

We offer two solutions by offering our affiliate program to local carrier stores. First, given our 1 hour on-site ASAP service, carrier representatives can now secure a trade in on a cracked device. If a customer walks in with a cracked device you will no longer have to send your paycheck out the door to a local repair store to replace his screen. And risk the chance of missing out on the trade in and commission because the customer came back when you were off your shift. Our service will allow you to keep that customer right where they are while we repair the device.

You Get Paid For repairs!

Thats right. For every repair you process for a customer you will receive a percent commission off the sale price of the repair. Commission can be as high as 50%!


To sign up to our carrier affiliate program please click the button below!



Currently servicing customers at the following South Florida carriers

Social Media

Put all those followers to use!

Phone Repairs ASAP is sourcing “Insta Famous” Instagram accounts. Specifically, we are targeting Instagram accounts that have a significant following in areas which we have operations in. Right now we are looking for Insta Famous accounts in the Palm beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade County.

Finders FeeĀ Referral

Thats right. If you find a Insta Famous account, and they become a authorized endorser you too will also receive commission for their affiliate sales for a duration of time set forth in any affiliate agreements.


nsta Famous accounts can request a lump sum payment or affiliate referral


Carrier Stores


Instagram Affiliates

57,000 followers combined

Office Affiliates


On Campus!

Office Visits

Recurring Visits

Like we promised. We will meet you anywhere! Even while you’re working at the office. PhoneRepairsASAP as a elaborate program for office visit referrals. If you refer us to your office, we will pay you commissions off of every sale we do for your office for an entire year! Once partnered up with your office, Phone Repairs ASAP can have technicians visit weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly.

Once the technician is on site, they will collect and ticket every single device from every customer from every floor. Once our technicians collect all of the devices, they will then return to their mobile on-site smart device repair van and complete the repairs.

On Campus

On Campus Networking

Another program we offer at PhoneRepairsASAP is our on campus data recruitment program. This program is aimed at collecting basic data from students on your campus (name, number, email). Now that they are in our system we can notify them of every single promotion we are offering. When they eventually place an order you will be compensated as much as 50% of the sale price. Additionally, commission for repeat referrals extends for one year.

In other words, if you have large network of people that sign up through your referral you have the option to continue receiving commission for every single repair they order for a year!