AI is going to take over our general tasks

You hear in the news all the time that AI is going to change the world and that we will all lose our jobs. I’d like to take a moment and ask everyone every one to take a breath and calm down. Sure, we will lose some jobs, but we will create plenty more. Although AI is cheap to implement and saves a business money, we are still going to need people to interact with other people and perform complex problems.

In the ’80s ATMs were deployed to banks all over the world. Bankers feared for their jobs and worried that they would be replaced. That never happened, though. Instead, Bank tellers become more specialized. ATMs took care of mundane tasks like taking deposits and distributing cash. They can’t help someone open a new checking account, figuring out which product is going to work best for them or help customers to decide which savings account is going to fit their needs. The truth is banks invested more in hiring humans after the ATM was introduced because they saved money on simple routine tasks that ATMs could perform and humans were able to sell and market more of their products. In every way, the ATM made a huge impact on the banking industry and its employees.

We can also look at the customer service industry. Businesses like Comcast use IVRs to automate routine tasks like routing customers to the proper support department when they phone in for help. Comcast also invests money automated systems to perform routine tasks like resetting cable boxes and modems. This means that Comcast can invest more money in calls center employees that specialize in specific areas like billing or tech support. They can also hire more techs to come out to your house to fix things, like a broken wire outside, in a timelier manner rather than utilizing those resources to simply reset a cable box or send down new programming to it.

Other industries are going to be impacted by these changes, too. The manufacturing and warehousing industries are starting to go through this same revolution now that AI and robots have become very cheap to deploy. Look at Amazon for example. Amazon is one of the most highly efficient warehousing and logistics companies in the world. Yet, despite their implementation of automation they still employ a massive number of workers.

We are still in the infancy of the automation and AI age. As a society, we have a lot to figure out. We are going to have a bumpy road ahead of us as we figure these things out. One thing is for sure, though, jobs won’t go away. They are just going to change.

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