2 Reasons You Should Repair Your Phone

Cell phones are really expensive today. There are good reasons why. Cell phones really aren’t just phones anymore. In fact, one of the least used features on smartphones is the phone app. Smartphones today are little pocket computers. It’s what the laptop has evolved in to. Smartphones are our connection to the world in every way. I’m not really sure why we call them smartphones anymore…

At any rate, as I said, smart devices cost a lot of money and with good reason. In fact, if you’re going to spend money on tech, I firmly believe the largest part of your tech budget should go towards your smartphone. I all but guarantee it’s the most used electronics device you own. With that said, you shouldn’t need to replace your smartphone every year or two. We pay money to repair our cars and our laptops, so why don’t we pay that money to keep our smartphone around longer? If you’re willing to read a little further, I’d like to give you a few good reasons why you should.


E-Waste is becoming a global issue. All of our electronic devices are designed to be replaceable and not repairable. Because of that, we have a huge issue of these devices ending up in landfills and incinerators. When E-devices are disposed of improperly they release mass amounts of pollutants into the environment. Repairing your electronic devices is being eco-friendly.


Many consumers have this misconception that repairing smartphones just isn’t worth the cost. Why would you spend hundreds of dollars to fix an old phone when a new device only costs a little more? The answer is cost. There are a couple of parts to this answer.

The first is Moore’s Law. A few years ago, we were in the dawn of the smartphone age much like we were with PCs in the early 2000s.  Every year a newer, faster, better smartphone was released. These phones were also heavily subsidized by the carriers. That’s not the case anymore. Smartphone manufacturers have been having trouble making new, better features and faster phones. Your smartphone that you buy this year could easily last a few years now. They’re also a lot more expensive. A smartphone can cost upwards of $800 or more. The new iPhones and flagship Galaxy phones cost more than a grand. Carriers are no longer subsidizing your phones either while the cost of cell service has actually risen in the past 5 years. It makes sense to hold on to your phone longer

The other reason is the actual cost of repair has gone down. Most people think that cell phones are very expensive to fix. While it’s true that parts for devices are initially expensive when they first come out, that cost goes down dramatically over time. For instance, an iPhone 7 screen once cost a few hundred dollars. You can now purchase a replacement part from Amazon for $20. If you’re not able to replace it yourself, a quality repair tech can also do that repair for very reasonable price. Most people don’t need to repair a smartphone for a year or two after purchase. That makes repairing it very affordable. Why would you spend $800 every two years on a new smart phone when you could spend $900 (that includes repair costs) every three or four years instead?

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